About DFS Services

Who we are

Digital Fire and Security Services (DFS Services) is an Indian start-up working closely with MCDI Canada and DFS UK. We are highly focused on technology sharing, R&D, product design, solution development, and CMS support in security segment. We offer robust, reliable, monitored and fully connected security service at a fair price. This could not have been a reality without the core team who did all the research and analysis for 3 years! It included chip designers, network engineers, industry experts and most important of all, our first set of users who helped us throughout the research and analysis phase.

What we Believe

We believe in a dream where you can live your life without the constant fear of safety of your home or loved ones. We believe that you can enjoy a holiday without worrying about thieves targeting the empty house. We believe that not every door and window in your home has to be reinforced with iron grills in the name of safety.

If you have ever wondered why people in western countries live without such fears beside large glass doors and windows with no iron grills in their homes, look closer, you will find that they have adopted a much smarter way to keep them safe, a method which is not just reactive but also preventive. Well, we have a dream and we are making it a reality, one house after another, one person after another.

How we started

Well the simple answer is, someone needed to! We have iPhone and Xbox, we go to malls and drive nice cars, we have reached to Mars and we are a nuclear power; but what about the most basic need of our society – Security! Pick a newspaper and it is filled with news about fire accidents, theft, robberies, break-ins; Aren’t we supposed to become more safer society with all the progress and development?

And that’s what we decided to do, to make our society a safer place! We studied every possible security solution available in the world, from the most basic ones to those which are considered as the best! And then we used all that knowledge to build a solution easy to use, robust, reliable, and affordable for everyone.

Our Values

Transparency. Honesty. Trust.

A commitment to provide the real safety and not just some fancy gadgets. A mean to keep your home safe at a price which is honest and fair. For us, people come before profit and a happy customer is more important that the revenue target. That’s why we don’t spend millions on TV ads and marketing rather we count on our customers and readers to spread the word. For us, awareness is the biggest challenge as monitored alarm security is an unheard concept in India. But here at DFS we know that if we live by our values, people will understand our cause and help us build a better world.