DFS Services - Best Home Security System Company in India

DFS Services – Best Home Security System Company in India

DFS Services provides the best Home Security Systems solution or advanced security devices to secure our houses. We accept the challenge of serving the best Home Security Systems in India such as security grid with advanced technology features, doorbell and smart cameras who are able to access from your smartphones from anywhere and anytime. Our advanced and unique security technologies make us counted in the leading Home Security System Company in India and also we prove it right by providing the 100% trusted security products for your houses. 

Whenever you want to find the best house security system devices then DFS Services products are always found on top as we use the end-to-end security solutions to design the unique Home Security Systems devices which can protect your houses as nowadays protection of houses on doors, security alarms and cameras are required to keep your house safe from any kind of happening at your house during your absence. DFS Services security solution is at the helm of every technological breakthrough in India and the quality of our products make you ensure that you can trust on our Home Security Systems & keep us on top priority when it comes to protecting the house with advanced security devices. 

DFS Services serves the advanced products of Home Security Systems

As we know, protecting houses is the major concern of the people due to Rising burglaries even the houses are not protected in the daytime. So, using the home security products such as video doorbells, smart cam and security grid of advanced features are a must. And DFS Services understand your concern and that’s why we have launched the advanced Home Security Systems in India for you. Here have a look at our advanced house security products:

Smart Doorbell: By keeping in mind about the house security concern of the people, we have launched advanced featured smart video doorbells which is wireless and provide you with the outside view of your house when someone rings your house’s doorbell and stands near your door. Before opening the door of your house for stranger you can see who is outside of your house and even someone comes closer to the doorbell the advanced used sensors will detect and notify you that someone is outside on your door. 

Work Specifications of DFS Service smart doorbell: 

  • Our smart doorbell is wireless and includes the 6000mAh rechargeable & removable battery anytime, it runs 2-3 months when you use it normal basis and also it has 8-10 months standby time. The best part of our product is it supports the AC supply which make your use easier. 
  • The electronic anti-theft lock in our smart doorbell will protect it from the thief which means only you can remove it and instead of you if anybody tries then the advanced sensor will detect and instantly alert you about the danger. 
  • The PIR motion detection sensors will detect the motion or activity near your house door and notify you instantly if someone stands outside your door. 
  • The auto responder feature in our smart video doorbell will help you to respond to the visitor when you will be busy doing some work and want to notify visitors to wait for a while. You can record a customized message for your visitors. 
  • Flawless and amazing visibility of the camera helps you to see the clear picture of the outside area of the house. The night vision of the used camera is also very clear and show you the clear vision to be safe at your houses with DFS Services amazing Home Security Systems device.

Smart iCAM: DFS Services Smart iCAM will keep an eagle’s eye at your house door and outside & covers the wide-angle of 355 degrees to protect and notify you about what’s going on outside of your house 24 hours. The easy to set up iCAM with advanced home security systems features will help you stay protected and notify even when you are not at the house. The easy process of iCAM installation will be completed within 100 seconds in 3 steps: Plug-in the camera, download & install the application in your mobile and connect using Wi-Fi. The size of the camera is also very small which can be adjustable anywhere at your door and you can take an eye on the outside activities easily. The size of the camera is a plus point for the people so they can use it anywhere and keep an eye at your house’s outside activities without any difficulty and issues & all the area which is covered by the camera also a good solution for the home security.

Work Specifications of DFS Service smart iCAM:

  • The iCAM camera of our product is as the size of an apple which means you can fit your camera anywhere and as per your convenience at your house door for the protection.
  • With the features of 355 ̊ rotation, 85 ̊ vertical tilt and 4x zoom. The camera will cover easy and every point from your door and give you the clear zoomed images of the outside activities to protect your house from the burglaries.
  • With our advanced technological device with 2MP lens and 10 meters, night vision which is enhanced with the IR sensors will give you the clear vision of the night time also. 
  • In the camera microphones and speakers are also attached to help you to talk will your house members when you are not at your home and to see them with a clear picture.
  • Our camera has advanced technology-based devices so you can also get the notification when any sound detected outside of your house.

Security Grid: DFS Services introducing an advanced manner to protect your house and to make your house protected each and every time. Our security grid Home Security Systems professionally manage your house security and give 24 hours of protection solutions with advanced technologies. The security grid solution is a CMS monitored alarm systems which are trusted by millions of people in western culture and DFS Services introduces this advanced Home Security Systems in India to give you the same protection which is advanced and extra protective. Our monitoring team work 24×7 to detect the dangers outside of your home and shop with the advanced security grid system to detect the problems fast and to give your houses and shop advanced protection to secure from the Rising burglaries which are faced by almost all the areas. So the protection is a must and you have to choose one of the leading Home Security System Company and DFS Services is the big name in the top list of the best Home Security System Company in India.

Work Specifications of DFS Service Security Grid:

  • It’s a monitored service which is managed by our experts at our DFS Alarm Receiving Centre who 24×7 monitors the activities outside of your home and shop & instantly respond to the incidents.
  • The security grid provided by us is advanced, expandable and wireless to cover all the nearby areas for better protection.
  • The DFS module app allows you to control your security grid from anywhere and also you can access your modules anytime to check out the activities around your home and shop.

Benefits of choosing DFS Services as your home security partner

DFS Services Home Security System Company works for you and the vision is clear that providing the people better protection to their house with our advanced smart devices which is trustable and perfect as per the latest technology trends used for house protection. Our most effective security solutions will help you to stay worry-free even when you are not at home and also the storage is also pretty good to check the old recordings whenever you need to check them. 

The more benefits will help you to make the right decision of choosing DFS Services for your Home Security Systems: 

  • We provide our customer support 24×7 to give you the right guidance of installation our security devices and other set up solutions whenever you need to connect with us to know.
  • Our advanced used security technology makes you unable to cover all the outside areas from all the angels to stay protected every time.
  • The technical support provided by us will help you to know the insights of the device and they also guide you about how to use the advanced features of taking the more benefits of latest features of the device.

Now the choice is yours choose the DFS Services Home Security Systems to protect your houses with advanced solutions. You can call us anytime to know about our services and also visit our website at any time to see the detailed features of our advanced security devices to make you clear about the features and usage of our solutions. We are the most renowned Home Security System Company in India because of our advanced security solutions and best customer support for the customers. 

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